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James Acres

Hey I'm James, welcome to Planet Acres!

This is my personal and informal site. Don't worry I also have a professional profile over on jamesacres.co.uk too if that's what you came here for!

I should be in that picture on the left... it's come straight from my Facebook so who knows!

I am currently in Southampton doing a degree in Computer Science and love it. I've always enjoyed keeping up to date with technology and science news - interesting stuff!! As well as all this techy stuff I also love many a pint and games of pool...

I'm a big music fan, despite playing the Clarinet I'm into rock, indie, electronic, metal and all sorts of other genres as shown on my last.fm. Last gig I went to was Friendly Fires, I've also seen various other bands like Dream Theater, Symphony X, We are Scientists, The Drums, InMe and Dimmu Borgir.

I love roller coasters and theme parks, especially Thorpe Park, Alton Towers, Islands of Adventure and Universal, Disney World, Sea World, Disney Land and Chessington world of Adventures.

I used to run a website called Loud Opinions, it was a pretty popular online forum that many of my year group used whilst at St. Crispins School in Wokingham... in fact this website used to host it too, was pretty fun before Facebook came along.

I love going abroad and have visited various places like America, Russia, Portugal, Turkey, Spain, Italy and more with friends and family.

Still reading? Check out my social networks by clicking the tiles below. Cheers for visiting and I hope to put some cool stuff here at some point.

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